Tradition und Innovation



Drink & Schlössers – that is a medium-sized family-run company now in its third generation, which has specialized in the production of high-precision technical rolls for the most varied purposes and applications.
1922 In Hüls craftsman Franz Schlössers opened together with his brother in law Johann Drink a machine fitter's workshop. After his brother in law died in 1941, Franz Schlössers continued to run the business on his own. When his son in law Dipl.-Ing. Hans Beckers joined the company in 1956 its relatively small-scale operation was extended to include the building of tanks, vessels, boilers, fans and winding machines, with the result that Drink & Schlössers developed in the direction of the construction of apparatus and rolls. In 1959 the company moved from the old workshop that had become too small for industrial production to the present location. The first drums for the textile industry were built.
1960 The licence for pressure vessel manufacture was received and the first heating rolls that required an acceptance left the works. At that time the company was still mainly involved with the construction of apparatus and many times the size of a unit being constructed led to constructional extensions in the first production hall. As a result of the increasingly stringent requirements of foil and coating technology in the 1960’s, roll construction gained increasing importance. With heating and chilling cylinders, calender and smoothing rolls made of steel, stainless steel and aluminium, Drink & Schlössers developed into a capable partner in the world of international machine construction. D&S was rapidly to become a trademark in textiles, paper and plastics processing and also in the confectionery and food industries.
1970 The construction of the first high-precision central cylinder for flexographic printing laid the foundation for a product sector in which today Drink & Schlössers is an acknowledged leader.
1980 The construction of an additional production hall, which has been used since then for welding, led to a marked increase in capacity and also allowed the maximum possible single weight to be raised from 12 tons to 20 tons. When company owner Hans Beckers died at the end of 1984, his wife Erika Beckers, who had headed the commercial section for 30 years, took over sole management. Based on what was then 15 years of experience, Dipl.-Ing. Alf Ehm continued to have the responsibility for technical development within the company. The constant expansion of business made it a matter of urgency to increase the amount of space in 1987. The prefabrication of roll sleeves, cutting to size and rounding were transferred to a third production hall.
1990 After he had completed his studies, the son of the deceased owner, Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Beckers joined the company and took over management of the technical section. In 1994 his sister followed, in order to give her mother support in the commercial administration. Due to the increasingly stringent demands made on the size and precision of the cylinders that were produced, the purchase of corresponding machines and the construction of a new and larger production hall with a crane capacity of 45 tons was soon being planned. This hall was inaugurated in 1997 and contains since then roll grinding section, dynamic balancing unit, vertical turning mill and big center lathes.
2002 To further extend sales activities towards the international market Dipl.-Ing. Jens Brinkmann started his work for D&S. At the beginning of 2008 he took over the position "leader design and sales" when Mr. Ehm went into his well-earned retirement short before fulfilling 40 years with D&S. In the same year Erika Beckers retired from active business life as well and transferred sole management to her son.
Today Drink & Schlössers has around 45 highly qualified employees in administration, sales, design and production. Their long years of experience in the construction of rolls, their technical know-how and craftsmanship form the basis for the company's success and its further expansion.