Range of delivery

Extract from our product range and possible areas of application

  • Cooling drums
  • Cooling rolls in double-shell construction with and without leading spirals
  • Heating drums (steam) with and without displacer
  • Heating rolls in double-shell construction to be heated by hot-water or thermal-oil circulation
  • Bomb shaped rolls
  • Central cylinders for Flexoprinting
  • Chill rolls for the production of foils
  • Stretching rolls for the production of felts and fabrics
  • Coating and laminating rolls for foil and paper processing
  • Calender rolls for the production of plastics
  • Laminating rolls for coating units
  • Calender rolls, peripherically drilled or with leading/supporting spirals
  • Calender rolls with displacer
  • Supporting rolls for winding units
  • Cooling rolls for the confectionary industry
  • Drying rolls for the food industry
  • Heat-gelling rolls for the production of various floor covering materials
  • Running drums for testing stands in the automobile industry
  • Processing cylinders for the vacuum technology/coating technology